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What is FirstBuzzer?

FirstBuzzer gives multiple quiz contestants a button to press, and works out who pressed their button first -only that player’s buzzer makes a sound. You won’t need the internet or a WiFi hotspot to use it!

FirstBuzzer is immediate. It starts up automatically and enters a quiz straightaway. You don’t need to have entered questions and answers into it, so you can use it immediately!

And there’s no additional training or effort to setup the quiz.

FirstBuzzer Is free* and there’s no ads. It has the necessary basic function available free forever.

There are so many ways to use it. Use it at events, parties, study, consolidation of topics , classes, charity fund raisers, business events, etc. Get everyone to download it and see who is the fastest to answer questions!

FirstBuzzer is a little bit magical. It is a multi-player app that works with up to 8 Apple IoS devices (eg. iPhones, iPads) at a time per quiz, but can support virtually unlimited numbers of simultaneous quizzes, even when run nearby or next door. You don’t need to have an internet connection or WiFi! You can run a quiz at school, work, university, college, event, or even in a park, at the beach, on an oval, or in a forest.

There are no logins, and we take your privacy seriously! FirstBuzzer doesn’t demand any personal details, and there is no login required, but if you want to personalise the quiz by entering your name or something else that identifies who is playing, it will be kept on your device and shared only to other quiz participants. It is never sent to us. Read more at:

*Note: You can buy additional in-app content which is not necessary to use it, but may make it more fun. Available by separate one-off in-app purchases, you can add over 100 crazy sounds and over 100 different amazing buttons.


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